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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Ajubatus Safaris Ltd

  • Booking and payments
    • The customer and Ajubatus Safaris will together develop and come to an agreement on the itinerary of the customer’s trip, including the costs for travel, accommodations, meals, fees and taxes.
    • After an agreement on the itinerary has been reached, you will receive a request for payment, including Ajubatus Safaris’ banking details.
    • The customer will be asked to pay 30% of the total sum within two weeks after the booking. The remaining 70% will have to be received by Ajubatus Safaris six weeks before the start date of the customer’s trip. If the booking is made within 6 weeks of the start date, the customer will have to pay the total sum the moment the booking has been finalized.
  • Cancellation policy Ajubatus Safaris
    • If the customer cancels the trip after agreement but more than six weeks before the start date of the trip: 75% of total costs will be refunded by Ajubatus Safaris.
    • Cancellation refund within six weeks but more than one week before the start date of the trip: 50% of total costs.
    • Cancellation refund within one week but more than one day (24 hours) before the start date of your trip: 25% of total costs.
    • Cancellation refund within 24 hours before the booked trip: no refund.
    • Clients are advised to take out a cancellation insurance to prevent high expenditures in case the trip needs to be cancelled.
    • In the unfortunate event that Ajubatus Safaris has to cancel a Safari, the company will return all amounts paid or offer an alternative service of a comparable standard.
  • Alteration to Safaris
    • The sequence and accommodations of all itineraries are normally adhered to. Ajubatus Safaris does, however, reserve the right to make alterations enforced by whether, roadworks, congestions or other causes.
    • Any delays caused by natural circumstances (i.e. bad weather conditions), road blocks etc. will not be the liability of the company.
  • Unforeseen changes in park fees and government taxes
    • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the government of Tanzania or Tanzania National Parks Authority may decide to change park fees or taxes. Though Ajubatus Safaris will include the necessary fees in the customer’s itinerary, these unforeseen adjustments of the fee are not included and not within Ajubatus Safaris’ control. If any change happens after agreement on the trip has been reached, Ajubatus Safaris has to pass on these changes to the customer.
  • Physical and material damage, and unforeseen circumstances
    • Ajubatus Safaris cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring during any trips booked or done through Ajubatus Safaris. We advise customers to arrange adequate travel, health and cancellation insurance.
    • Ajubatus Safaris cannot be held responsible for bad weather conditions.
    • Ajubatus Safaris cannot be held responsible for any damage due to acts of terrorism, war and pandemics.
    • Ajubatus Safaris cannot be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances such as political unrest, natural disasters, strikes etc.
  • Liability 
    • Ajubatus Safarisacts as agent for hotels, transportation services and facilities provided by other parties, firms or corporations and cannot be held responsible for delays, loss, damage, injury or accident, change of itineraries which may occur through the negligence of any individual or company entrusted with such service.
    • All rates are quoted without Easter, Christmas and New Year supplement – please check on this when booking the safaris. The rates quoted are subject to change without prior warning or should there be any increases in park fees, Ffl, or Vat, third party services or any other circumstances beyond our control in the countries featured in this quote/booking. Ajubatus Safaris cannot be held responsible should airlines discontinue flights on certain routings or change scheduled timetables resulting in missed connections etc. Should an amendment in a routing or itinerary be necessary we will require you accordingly. All travellers are to take precautions against malaria prior to the commencement of their holiday.  We recommend they contact their pharmacist for advice as to which prophylactic is recommended.
    • Ajubatus Safaris can not accept any liability or pay any compensation in respect to delays or lack of performance affected by ‘force majeure’.
    • Force Majeure means any event which the Company has no control over and even in circumstances where all due care was taken the event could not have been avoided or foreseen. This includes events such as war, or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside the Company’s control.





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